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Clara Schejtman

Clara Schejtman

Dra. Clara Schejtman

Clara Schejtman is a PhD in Psychology, UBA. Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, UBA and UB.

Postgraduate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and the Faculty of Psychology, UBA; IUSAM APdeBA; EULAPS (Russia) and SAPI. Director of research programs in early childhood, subsidized by UBACyT.

Director of doctoral thesis, School of Psychology, UBA. Psychoanalyst in didactic function and specialist in children and adolescents, APA, IPA, FEPAL Founding member of SAPI. Author of numerous national and international publications (Routledge).

Author and compiler of: Early Childhood, Psychoanalysis and Research (2008) and Early Childhood and Psychoanalysis 2. Research, Clinic, Prevention (2022). Editorial Akadia.


New contributions from research into the processes of early psychic structuring
Presenta/n: Edward Tronick (UMass-USA), Suzanne Maiello (AIPPI-Italia), Clara R. Schejtman (APA-Argentina).Conducción: Patricia Saks / Coordinación: Daniel Antar & Verónica Widder
Día: 2022-10-20 - Hora: 14:00:00
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