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Alicia Lisondo

Alicia Lisondo

Alicia Beatriz Dorado de Lisondo

Alicia Beatriz Lisondo is a Didactic Psychoanalyst, Teacher, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalyst of the IPA, the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Campinas (SBPCamp) and the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of São Paulo (SBPSP).

Member of the Latin American Association of Bick Method Babies Observers (ALOBB). Coordinator of the Autism Studies and Research Group and of the Adoption and Parentality Group of the SBPSP.

Member of the research group of the Protocol Prism Group of Psychoanalysis and Autism (GPPA PRISMA) at SBPSP.

Member of the Commission of Babies, Children and Adolescents of FEPAL. Coordinator of Project S.O.S Brazil with the support of the Brazilian Federation of Psychoanalysis (FEBRAPSI), FEPAL and IPA.

Winner of the FEPAL Award: Psychoanalysis and Freedom (2020), the FEPAL Award (2010), the Dr. José Bleger Award of the APA (1976), and the Zaira de Biettencourt Martins Award, (2021).


Autism: new frontiers in psychoanalytic research
Presenta/n: Filippo Muratori (UNIPI-Italia), Alicia Lisondo (SBPSP-Brasil), Fernando Fernández Castro (UIC-México).Conducción: Ángeles Aparaín / Coordinación: Patricia Saks & Nora Woscoboinik
Día: 2022-10-21 - Hora: 09:00:00
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